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About German Shepherds

The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) was developed in the first half of the twentieth century in Germany. Max von Stephanitz is considered the father of the German Shepherd breed and was the founder of the German Shepherd Dog club of Germany, the S.V. Von Stephanitz developed the GSD as a herding dog, but emphasized the importance of a versatile and intelligent working dog. This allows the GSD to function as a herding dog, and also to serve as police/military dogs, service dogs, search and rescue/tracking dogs, and a variety of other important tasks.

In addition to the working abilities, the GSD is a very popular dog breed throughout the world for companions and family pets. In 2005, the GSD was the 16th most registered breed with the United Kennel Club. German Shepherds compete in herding trials and protection/police trials, as well as tracking, obedience, and agility trials and of course conformation shows.

Please see the Official UKC Standard for the German Shepherd Dog.